St. Michael's Karate Club

The family friendly independent karate club for 30 years


The origins of St. Michael’s Karate Club go back more than thirty years. At that time it was practising the Sankukai style of karate under the direction of a different association and instructor.

1987 – at the age of just six years old Douglas Collingwood began his training in karate, being taken to training sessions by his father Ken Collingwood. After many sessions sitting watching his son, Ken decided he was ‘going to have a go’……....and so started his journey, at the age of 43, through karate and the relationship between the ‘Collingwood’ family name and St. Michael’s Karate Club. Also at this time Ken’s life-long friend John Dalton began his training in karate at St. Michael’s Karate Club.

1991 – the club made the transition from Sankukai to the Shitoryu/Shukokai style of karate and joined Kobe Osaka England Karate Association (KOE), therefore proudly becoming part of the newly formed Kobe Osaka International Karate-do Renmei (KOI) under the guidance of the globally respected karate master Shihan Tommy Morris 8th Dan.

1993 – saw the then club instructor announce that he was no longer able to run the club and therefore St. Michael’s Karate Club would have to close. Ken and John at this point had been training for five years and were very reluctant to be forced to stop their karate training, they were now both ranked at 1st Kyu (third stage brown belt) and wanted to carry on the activity that was, not just something they did three times a week, but was now a way of life. They sought permission from KOE and KOI to continue running the club at their rank of 1st Kyu, this was duly granted.

1994 - in the September of this year Andrew Collingwood, now the current instructor at St. Michael’s Karate Club began his training in karate.

2014 - after twenty-three years of membership St. Michael's Karate Club left Kobe Osaka England and Kobe Osaka International. In July of this year the club became a member of Independent Martial Art and Sports Association (IMASA). It continues to train and teach in the Shitoryu/Shukokai style of karate.

St. Michael’s Karate Club continues to build steadily. Today it has a membership in excess of thirty students of all ages and grades.

Founder Members

Sensei Ken Collingwood - Yondan (4th Dan)

Ken is ranked Yondan (4th Dan) and a registered Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA) instructor. He is Chief Instructor of St. Michael's Karate Club and Shaftesbury Karate Club. He has attended many courses on coaching, refereeing, self-defence, national and international training camps under the instruction of many top, world-renowned karate instructors. He is Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check passed and has attended several courses on ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’.

He handed over St. Michael’s Karate Club to his son Andrew in January 2003 when he moved away from Salisbury and now lives in Derbyshire.

He continues to train and instruct in karate but no longer runs a club. He often takes sessions at St. Michael’s Karate Club when in the Salisbury area and travels extensively to attend courses and gradings. In June 2014 he was awarded the rank of Yondan by Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA).

Sensei John Dalton - Nidan (2nd Dan)

John is ranked Nidan (2nd Dan) and a registered Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA) instructor. He is Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) enhanced check passed and has attended several courses on ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children'.

John ran St. Michael's Karate Club with Ken for many years. There was a lot of enquires about running a karate club on the other side of the city so John started his own club in Salisbury called Hampton Park Karate Club which he ran for several years. John decided to move away from Salisbury and relocate to Shaftesbury. He handed his club over to one of his black belt students who had trained with him from the begining at Hampton Park Karate Club. The new instructor was unable to meet training commitments so unfortunately, after some time, the club was forced to close. All was not lost though because many of the students transferred to St. Michael's Karate Club and it is of some interest that several of those students still train there today.

John is now the club instructor at Shaftesbury Karate Club in Shaftesbury, Dorset which boasts a membership in excess of thirty-five students of all ages and grades. In June 2014 he was awarded the rank of Nidan by Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA).